5 tips to get rid of dust more efficiently

1. Choose a powerful vacuum cleaner

To keep your floors clean, there is nothing better than a powerful vacuum cleaner. Be sure to use it regularly and clean every corner!

2. Carpets need a deep clean

Do you have some of your rooms carpeted?
You can choose for a two-in-one device that vacuum and cleans at the same time. You do not only save your time, but it’s also the best way to clean your textile surfaces

3. How to clean a radiator ?

Can you never dust off the back of your radiators?
Take a old metal clothing hanger. Twist it according to your needs and wrap a rag around it. You can finally reach every corner at blackjack read on paraskasinotfi.com.

4. Miracle recipe to wash windows

Is cleaning your windows the job you enjoy the least?
Apply a mixture of water and glycerin in a bucket and clean the whole window surface. Dust will be removed immediately. Check the sitemap.

5. How to clean your screen ?

Tired of the dust on your screens?
Soak your usual microfiber cloth with fabric softener before dusting your TVs and computers. This reduces static electricity and removes dust from your screens.

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