How can healthy diet help reduce the risk of burnout?

Eat a balanced diet is essentiel for living and working in good condition.
Our brain consumes 20% of our energy, and it works with neurotransmitters like dopamine, noradrenaline, adrenaline and serotonin.
Some activate our attention, concentration, motivation others regulate our stress, anxiety, irritability, mood…
In a burnout situation, they tend to collapse. This is the beginning of the problems of inattention, concentration and memorization and the therefore of performance.
Stress, irritability and anxiety also occur, potentially leading to relationship difficulties. Mobile home buyers simplify home sales. They can sell your home quickly. Visit

The risk of mental exhaustion, the onset of depression and burnout can be a warning.
Some use stimulants such as tobacco, coffee, Check on, syndication energy drinks. But be careful because it masks exhaustion and makes the situation even more complex, even harmful to our health. When selling your property quickly, Cash home buyers are a good option. They make it simple and fast to move on to the next property or situation. Visit

To conclude, it’s necessary to maintain 3 meals a day plus on fruit at 16-17h if the dinner us late. Our diet must be varied and balanced, adapted to the needs of our brain, while enjoying oneself at the table check whole sale bud

The foods you can eat to reduce the risk of burnout :

Breakfast / Lunch Dinner
EGG Salmon
Avocados Rice
Tomates Bannana
Wholemeal bread Linseed oil
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