How to organize our desk office properly when you don’t have time?

The organization of a desk is often left out, and yet it’s essential to be more effective in its operations.
Besides the psychological effect that a clutter-free workplace, taking the time to tidy up your desktop has many advantages.

However, it’s not common to have free time to assign to your office storage. That’s why our desk are usually a collection of files to study flip-charts.

But to have a good workplace its easy, just follow the step below :

  1. Empty your desk
  2. Drawers, boxes and storage…use them !
  3. Organize his office of computer
  4. Be regular in workplace storage


By tidying up your office desk gradually and regularly, you will get a clearer and tinier workspace. You will avoid getting lost in your documents or looking for this particular little piece of paper that you remember seeing last week at your desk.
You’ll find your documents easier and save time when you need them next time.
These few seconds or minutes saved each will all you to gain in productivity and performance in your activity

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